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Torres1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear All,

My respects to you All.

Auspiciousness and Peace be to All.

1) I don’t write. I allow writing to happen by itself!

2) Utter silence of mind activates writing.

3) I write mostly when I am in a long country walk.

4) I keep a tiny pad and pen, and jot down my points as they arise.

5) When the inner anguish and love for people engulf me – words happen by themselves.

6) I have never forced myself to write.

7) On the contrary, I force myself to keep quiet, when the frenzy to write strikes me.

8) And I always write with deep contentment and sense of fulfillment.

9) Still, my heart aches with the limitation of words, and the huge sorrow of people.

10) And console myself with my two cents to this suffering humanity.

11) Sharing our light with others is a great delight indeed.

12) May all enjoy PEACE, HAPPINESS and FREEDOM!



14-3-2013  6-26 AM

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